Can You Bet on Horses Online in DC?

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DC Horse betting is legal, but with strict and special rules. So we are going to take a look at what the state of play is when it comes to betting on horses in the nation’s capital.

Although it looks like it won’t be long before sports betting is fully up and running, it is a slightly different outlook for DC horse betting.

The good news is that DC horse betting is legal, unlike DC online casinos – but there are some important details to take note of.

DC horse betting does not allow conventional wagering. Residents are not allowed to place bets on horse races. But they can bet on contests connected to the races.

With contest betting, you compete against other bettors and win points for predicting a certain number of horse races. The winner is the one who amasses the most points. This is where the payout occurs.

So, as you can see there is a type of DC horse betting – it is just with contests rather than wagering.

DC horse betting

Horse Betting Apps for DC

Contests are not completely unknown outside of DC – there are 12 states across the country that allow only this kind of betting.

The app to look out for is the BetAmerica one. This well-known horse racing bookmaker is available across the country and contest betting is allowed within the District of Columbia.

As long as you are of legal betting age you can download the app and take part in BetAmerica contests and enjoy the full extent of DC horse betting as it is at the moment.

Getting the BetAmerica app is very quick and simple.

  • Just download the app as you would with any other – from the Apple App Store
  • Sign up for a new BetAmerica customer account
  • Confirm all your details and explore the options on the app for horse betting


DC horse betting may change in the future as the entire outlook for sports and online gambling is evolving. But for now, the best way to enjoy it in DC is to download the BetAmerica app and enter the available contests.

Keep an eye out for any further developments over the next few months as the betting laws continue to change in DC. At the moment, apart from contest horse betting, people can enjoy the DC Lottery.